View Full Version : What are group for, existing group useful in some way?

16 Nov 2016, 5:28 AM
I see couple of groups but they are all empty except one, should I see the group if they don't have any fiddle or I don't have access? This is like a tag for fiddles?


16 Nov 2016, 5:58 AM
By default, groups are public meaning anyone can view the fiddles within the group. If a group is not public then only the creator can see it. For example, I just my "My Fiddles" group (which is mine) non-public and you should now not be able to see it anymore.

If a group has no fiddles, no reason you shouldn't be able to see it. It would be nice to have a count however the current groups are static and in a future dot release groups will be able to be dynamic which means the count won't be known till you view the fiddles.

28 Nov 2016, 12:28 AM
How do groups differ from teams?

What is the intended use case

for groups?
for teams?

Unfortunately that's not that intuitively obvious :-/

28 Nov 2016, 4:38 AM
Not intuitive as it's not fully fleshed out like I mentioned above. In that same post I also make mention of groups of fiddles. So a group is a group of fiddles. A team (and the UI makes this more clear) controls permissions on individual fiddles.