View Full Version : How can I change the height of a line?

13 Nov 2016, 3:45 PM
I would like to change the height of Grid's row using Sencha Themer.
On Themer's screen, there is no part specifying the height of the line.
What should I do? Do I have to change the Variables directly?

14 Nov 2016, 8:32 AM
Hi netspice,

It does looks like we missed that variable in the UI, however, you can change it in the grid portion. The bottom-right corner, click the table/grid icon. This grid will show all variables in the theme (even custom ones if you've added any manually).

For classic, search for `grid-row-cell-line-height` which, I believe is the variable you're looking for.

For modern, it is `gridcell-line-height` and `gridcell-line-height-big` (the latter only applying to Neptune/Triton-based themes in 'phone' mode).