View Full Version : Use Themer with a theme extending theme-aria

28 Oct 2016, 9:45 AM
Hi -

I would like to use the Themer tool to work with customizations to the "theme-aria" theme supplied as part of the classic toolkit. I don't need any modern support for this theme.

However I notice I don't see theme-aria as an option when creating a new theme and choosing which base theme it should extend. To get around this, I created a new empty theme extending neptune and then tried manually editing the package.json file to set it to extend theme-aria, but after that edit I was unable to open in Themer.

Any advise? We've been wanting to work with the aria theme for a while and Themer seemed like it would be a very useful tool to help us do that.

Thanks - ATM

1 Nov 2016, 6:15 AM
Hi ansel,

I believe we chose to not include the Aria theme package because it just provides a high-contrast theme. Before Themer, this was much more difficult to accomplish and also locked you into one base theme. Now, however, with Themer, you should be able to quickly create your own high-contrast theme, and base it off of the theme of your choice; with most of the work being done in 3 variables (Base Color, Background Color, and Font Color).

Also, this is only in regards to the theme package portion of Aria, you can still use the code package in your app to help with accessibility requirements.

If you are committed to using the Aria theme, you should be able to generate a theme package with Cmd yourself, and open it with Themer. However, you will not get the same level of variable propagation from theme defaults to the rest of the theme, so the theming process in general may be a bit more tedious then if you chose another base theme.

1 Nov 2016, 6:43 AM
Great thanks - and indeed that's exactly what I ended up doing, and it worked very well. A nice use of Themer as we had delayed trying to do a "dark" theme for a while.

I was still left confused as to why certain themes are "openable" in themer and others are not. In particular, I would have expected that any theme that ships with the SDK itself would be compatible as a base theme - hopefully that sounds reasonable. I am certain it's a real challenge to keep everything up to date as the theming system itself evolves, but it's really helpful to know where to look in terms of best practices and what's the latest / greatest starting point or reference package for a custom project.

But thanks for the useful tool and we'll keep posting any questions or feedback as we come up with them!