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11 Oct 2016, 2:13 AM
Hi there,

I am working to create a new theme in Sencha 6, and everything is right until i want to use my theme in any default Sencha example.

My main problem is that I would like to test my theme in an example with all controls, like Kitchen Sink for instance, but this example has some attributes from Premium version, like Pivot Grid, that my Standard version does not have.

My question is, is there any way to recompile Kitchen sink example, only with standard functionality, so i can test all my improvements?

Is there any Kitchen Sink with only standard features?

Thanks in advance

Kevin Jackson
12 Oct 2016, 8:17 AM
There is a tool that is designed to do exactly what you want to do called Sencha Themer. There is a trial version so you could use that to see the entire list of components and to create your themes in a fraction of the time of doing it all manually.

Lee Boonstra wrote our training materials on Theming. You may find some helpful hints here. (I've linked you to one but there are a number of other helpful posts there as well.)

Finally, if you decide to not use Sencha Themer. You can start with the Theme Viewer app. It has most of the components you are wanting to check against.

Hope that helps,

Kevin Jackson
Sencha Support Team