View Full Version : Author name is sometimes cleared when fiddle is renamed

14 Sep 2016, 6:13 AM
Example: https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/1goh
This one was listed in View My Fiddles, then I renamed it, saved the change, and now neither the old nor new name is listed.

I have also had this happen with brand new fiddles, but I'm having trouble reproducing it reliably.
Repro steps:

Start a new fiddle.
Click on gear icon, give it a new name. Save fiddle.
Verify the fiddle is shown in View My Fiddles. (I've had this step fail)
Click on gear icon and rename the fiddle. Save changes.
Verify the fiddle is shown in View My Fiddles. (I've had this step fail)

Once the problem has occurred I can save changes to that fiddle all day long and it will never appear in my list. I've had to dig in my browser history a few times to find lost fiddles.

Caching may have something to do with this. On one occasion I clicked on the gear icon and the title shown was from a previous fiddle, not the fiddle I was trying to edit. (This is #fiddle/1gon by the way.)


After I refreshed the browser window, the title displayed the way it usually does, which is blank:

(I also find that Author name is usually blank, even when I open fiddles that are showing in my list properly. I don't know if that's a cosmetic issue or related to the core problem I'm reporting.)

Whatever the cause is, I'm afraid to rename fiddles now and I've had moments of panic when I could locate an important fiddle I've worked on for hours. Hope you can sort it out.

p.s. Ignore below attached image; I'm having trouble removing it from the post.

14 Sep 2016, 6:16 AM
Fiddle 1 is not being maintained unless a new version of a framework requires something. Fiddle 2 is under development and planned to be released before SenchaCon.

14 Sep 2016, 8:27 AM
Might I suggest adding a sticky post to this forum, with the title "Read this before reporting issues with Fiddle 1.1"? I spent some time trying to isolate this problem so it would have been good to know. Might save you time as well.