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18 Aug 2016, 8:41 AM
Hi There,

I wonder if you can help me please? We need to upgrade an Ext JS MVC/.NET MVC application written in Ext JS 4.2 to the latest version of Ext JS.

I am trying to set up the trial project shown in https://www.sencha.com/webinars/building-cross-platform-asp-net-apps-with-sencha-ext-js-in-visual-studio/ but am not having much success.

For this trial exercise we are using Visual Studio 2013 ultimate, Ext JS trial edition 6.0.2 and sencha cmd

The problems we are encountering are as follows:-

If we try creating an Ext JS application and web api project with the sencha cmd location set to where our sencha cmd lives - C:\Users\tim69744\bin\Sencha\Cmd\ and Ext JS SDK location set to where the trial version lives D:\Sencha\ext-6.0.2-trial\ext-6.0.2 we get a 'Specified directory does not exist' message when it tries to create the project and no Sencha directory appears.

Using the workspace SDK which is seems to create the app OK (although we really want to upgrade to Ext JS 6) and we get further in that it appears to build OK but when we try right-clicking on index.html and View in Browser we get an unhandled exception in bootstrap.js at line 1775 column 25

Finally, the video says that, once created, right-clicking on the Sencha folder allows the user to choose Start sencha app watch. Unfortunately, in our case, the only sencha choice we get is Set as StartUp App.

Can anybody help please? It is most probably something I am not understanding or missing so I can supply our version of the solution if required.

Many thanks,


24 Feb 2017, 3:14 PM
I do not get the option to start Sencha App Watch as was demonstrated in the video you refer to. It allows me to Open Command Prompt from which I can run Sencha App Watch. I also have the option to Set as StartUp App any Ext JS App I right-click in VS 2015 with the plug-in. That's not the same as starting Cmd to my knowledge, but I don't know what Set as StartUp App means (Ext JS Plug IN version).

In the output window in VS, I do not have the option to Show output from Cmd. That was shown in the video too. I just use Cmd from a command window and try not to use the plug-in until it's improved.