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6 Jul 2016, 2:14 PM

We're excited to announce some updates to our new docs. Much of this came directly from community feedback, so please keep letting us know what areas need improvements.

Note: As docs get synced to production, there can be short periods of downtime as the process completes. We're trying to minimize the issue, but it still does occur when the diff is large.

The Docs Team


July 6th, 2016
Note: These updates will be rolling out this evening.

Improved text contrast in class member param lists
Added a link to the 6.0.2 examples in the guide navigation tree
Added a history navigation toolbar below the page header
Show the last searched items when the search input is focused and empty
Fixed an issue where method names may be omitted on various classes
External links in guides now have an indicator next to the link and will open in a new tab
Fixed an issue with the Config counts badge counting configs and accessor methods
Fixed an issue where the menu headers were missing on the mobile layout
Fixed an issue where class names were not discovered in search without the namespace prefixed
Addressed an issue where accessor links were not ID'd correctly
Set "inherited" to be checked by default for new visitors

Aug 12th, 2016

Fixed an issue with Fiddle examples in Ext JS modern and Ext JS 5.x API docs
Cmd guides will now show in the guide search results when searching in the Ext JS product
Fixed an issue with duplicate search results
Fixed an issue where configs that are functions with params would display the params as configs for the class itself
The access-type filtering is now run on page load (to filter against preferences stored statefully between page loads)
Fixed a minor z-index issue with the back-to-top button
Normalized the navigation tree expand collapse state for all page widths
Fixed the sizing / centering of content on the product landing pages (visible at narrow page widths / mobile device views)
Various other fixes (fixed broken links, etc.)

September 7th, 2016

Created documentation for Ext JS 6.2.0
Created a new "Quick Start" tutorial for new users
Merged toolkits from a docs perspective. This change included the following sub-items:

Changed the output directory path to source API docs in an 'api' folder after the
version number folder (unless part of a toolkit and then that's the folder name, not 'api')
Combined the search results for API docs for both modern and classic toolkits
Created functionality so that users can filter modern and classic API doc items from the search results
Included a sub-tab for classic and modern toolkits under the main navigational API tab
Removed the toolkit from the top toolbar's product / version unless you're on a modern or classic API doc page
Removed the toolkit links from the product menu
Users can navigate to a class of the same name when switching between classic and modern API docs tabs if it exists

Plus, other miscellaneous bug fixes:

Included previously missing modern overrides folder to docs output
Fixed "Expand All" functionality
Fixed linking for non-toolkit products
Fixed typos and broken links

September 13th, 2016

Fixed premium fiddles in documentation
Added decoration to guides/API Docs when something comes from the premium package.

Known Issues

Cross Browser Security issue when dragging/dropping/interacting with some elements within some examples
Some links from our other tools may incorrectly link to the API Documentation until we find all of the redirect needs.