View Full Version : Multi language application.

4 Jul 2016, 10:56 PM

For localization it's good as we are retrieving locale files from server as per user selection.
My problem is how to make whole application in multiple language even the back end data.

Some thing like i have a grid i want to load data, mean while column fields are defined in English language.

1 - If I get Hebrew language json from back end then how to map and render values in grid ?

2- If I saved form fields values with Hebrew language and i select English language then how the Hebrew data(saved data) convert to English while retrieving from back end ?

Is there any way to translate dynamically for data except google translate api as it is slow sometimes?

Please provide your helpful suggestions.

Manoj Parida

Gary Schlosberg
7 Jul 2016, 2:23 PM
Seems like you'd have to reload the application completely, since a language change (such as Hebrew to English) might require a switch from RTL to LTR or vice-versa.