View Full Version : Why the web desktop disappear in GXT 4.0

15 Jun 2016, 8:55 AM

Does the GXT 4.0 not support web desktop any more?

It's very useful for me, when I develop some application in GXT 3.


14 Jul 2016, 1:43 PM
works for me with minimal changes,

what i did i ran the css to gss converter from gwt library, and it converted all files automatically with no problem. not sure if mandatory for GWT2.7 but i plan to move to GWT 2.8 also so i just converted it.

did a find and replace for .css to .gss in the desktop code source

and i think i did one more fix and for me moving from GXT3.1 to GXT 4.0 it just worked.

made a diff between my working version in GXT4 and the code included in GXT3.1.1

and only 3 steps are needed:
1) css to gss conversion
2) find and replace .css to .gss
3) edit 2 css or gss files and instead of "a" add "span"

@Source("DesktopLayout.css") <-- old
@Source("DesktopLayout.gss")<-- new

@Source({"com/sencha/gxt/theme/base/client/button/ButtonCell.css", "ShortcutCell.css"}) <--old
@Source({"com/sencha/gxt/theme/base/client/button/ButtonCell.gss", "ShortcutCell.gss"}) <-- new
and so on

than i have before conversion to gss, or if after just use span instead of a in the gss
a.menuItem { <-- old
span.menuItem { <-- new

and same for