View Full Version : Grid Column hidden: 'true' plus .refresh() artifacts, related to loading gridstate.

11 Apr 2016, 11:20 AM
First an explanation of why I am doing attempting to do this. I am storing grid states remotely and loading them via state.manager.httpProvider. After a state read I

to apply my state to the grid. This method is causing the artifacts as described below.

When manually setting columns to hidden(as a initState does) and refreshing the grid a variety of artifacts are caused and hidden columns are partly shown as demonstrated in this fiddle.

Can someone help with a solution? Thank you

20 Apr 2016, 8:42 AM
Where and when are you applying the state? Is it part of the UX classes you have defined? State must be applied before component initialization.

20 Apr 2016, 8:54 AM
Thank you, I am applying the state in the readsuccess listener of my state provider. Because the provider is AJAX my grid is initialized before the state has returned. My followup would be, how can I delay the grid initialization until my state is ready?