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22 Mar 2016, 7:43 AM
This may be just me trying to find a way not to need to click the bookmark each time.

I'm trying to hook Inspector into a Architect application, which publishes the build to a vagrant folder (which mirrors up on a vm).
I've set the vagrant to use a private network, so I can see my host machine.

config.vm.network "private_network", ip: ""
This means my development is hosted on and my host machine, running Inspector is on (so it is within the same subnet, as required for mobile development)

As I'm using Architect I have had to set Inspector to use 1840 for it's port, they trip over each other it seems if you are using both.

So in my web browser I can go to and see the code that Inspector is broadcasting. and have added this as a JS resource to Architect and added the Application.launch() code with the specific IP of to init from.

Architect does not seem to want to launch the remote resource and it does not seem to appear in the bootstrap, even after a sencha app refresh (outside of Architect)
Looking through the development console it does not request the remote script. It fails because & If I create a manual copy of the inspector.js locally, instead of ticking 'remote' it does seem to work. and it appears in Inspector between refreshes. Saving me from clicking the bookmarklet.

Not sure if it's Architect which is causing it to fail or how I've tied my development into vagrant.

Will try to create a test example, but wondered if anyone had see anything similar or if there is another way?

6 Apr 2016, 9:56 AM
If you have a way to provide a test case, that would be helpful. I've not attempted this before so would like to see the issue you're running into.