View Full Version : Row index in grouping view while grouped?

18 Mar 2016, 1:29 PM
I have a grid with a GroupingView connected to a GroupingStore, with a RowSelectionModel. When a row is selected, it populates a form below the grid. However, whenever the grid is grouped, the RowSelectionModel is not working at all, and it's throwing an error as follows (from Chrome's dev tools):
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'rowIndex' of undefined
Ext.grid.GridView.Ext.extend.resolveCell @ ext-all-debug.js:47892
Ext.grid.GridView.Ext.extend.ensureVisible @ ext-all-debug.js:47955
Ext.grid.GridView.Ext.extend.focusCell @ ext-all-debug.js:47878
Ext.grid.GridView.Ext.extend.focusRow @ ext-all-debug.js:47873
Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel.Ext.extend.handleMouseDown @ ext-all-debug.js:50529
EXTUTIL.Event.fire @ ext-all-debug.js:326
EXTUTIL.Observable.fireEvent @ ext-all-debug.js:70
Ext.grid.GridView.Ext.extend.processEvent @ ext-all-debug.js:47675
Ext.grid.GroupingView.Ext.extend.processEvent @ ext-all-debug.js:51940
Ext.grid.GridPanel.Ext.extend.processEvent @ ext-all-debug.js:46554
Ext.grid.GridPanel.Ext.extend.onMouseDown @ ext-all-debug.js:46564
h @ ext-all-debug.js:5212.

Is this by design, or is there a way to have some awareness of the row index (I stepped through the above stack trace, and it appears that the row is not able to be found) so that the selection model works when grouped? Or do I need to rely on buttons in action columns (which, by the way, work fine)?