View Full Version : Is it possible to replace the PNG images that are used in a theme with SVG images?

6 Mar 2016, 11:43 AM
At the Moment I am evaluating Sencha GXT.
One of the requirements the framework has to meet is the support of SVG image rendering for all the standard widgets.

Due to the fact that high dpi displays are getting standard a modern web framework must support the rendering of vector based icons.

I am wondering if GXT does support this.
All the standard themes use raster graphics images which look very poor on high dpi displays.

So I had a look on the theme builder to create my own theme that uses svg images instead of the raster graphics images.

Unfortunately it looks as if the builder does not support generating themes that use svg images.

The builder does support svg as input for the theme generation but at the end of the build process all the svg images are converted to png images.

Does Sencha GXT also support SVG as output format for a generated theme?

If not, are there any plans to support svg rendering in a future release?

For me, the lack of the svg support is a show stopper.:(