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10 Feb 2016, 11:01 AM
Long time Sencha Touch / Architect user. First impressions of the VS plugin.

Installed Visual Studio 2015
Downloaded latest cmd
Downloaded latest Ext JS
Installed Sencha Plugin
Created new EXT JS Web API with C# project
pointed prompts to proper CMD and ExtJS directories
New project created
Hit run and a Sencha sample project is shown in Chrome. Great.
I followed along with the Sencha Plugin Guide (http://docs.sencha.com/ide_plugins/visual_studio_ide_plugin.html) to get everything above setup. All of the above looked good until I noticed that there was no Sencha or App directory shown within the VS IDE Solution Explorer pane. If I select 'show all files' then I see the Sencha directory. It was not included in the project but is on the disk. Again, following the guide it says to right click your location in the solution explorer to add files like classes and controllers but again that's not what i'm seeing in the IDE from a fresh new project.

Why does the guide show the Sencha directory when a new VS project does not include it?
If the sencha directory is not included in project, TFS (source control) won't back it up.
Do I need to manually include the Sencha directory into the VS project?
Where and how do you add new classes/controllers etc.. if Sencha dir is not shown
Why is the sample app shown with a new project.. the Guide did not mention this?
How do you remove the sample after a new project is created?
A Controllers folder is not generated at Sencha\App. Why? Model, Store and View folders were created...

More to follow as I work through the dark as I don't see any detailed guides for building a real or even a simple project. Is there a video walkthrough posted anywhere?



11 Feb 2016, 11:14 AM
Hi John,

Firstly thanks for your feedback and questions. I'll try my best to address them here for you.

The "Sencha" directory should be included within your project. The Visual Studio Plugin uses Sencha Cmd in the background to generate the initial Ext JS application. After the application generates you should see a dialog asking you to "Reload" the Solution, which will then include the "Sencha" directory into your Solution (this dialog was supposed to be documented in the guide but somehow got left out - I will ensure this gets updated). You should not need to include this manually. If you are not seeing this "Reload" dialog then that would be a bug we need to address.

The "sample app" you're referring to is the default Ext JS application that Sencha Cmd generates. This is true within Visual Studio, using Sencha Cmd from a command prompt, or any of our other supported plugins. If you don't want it, simply delete out the associated JavaScript files and start fresh.

Regarding the lack of a "controllers" directory, the other directories within Sencha/app exist solely due to the creation of the sample app by Cmd. If you want a controllers directory you can easily add a new folder through the Visual Studio add menu.

11 Feb 2016, 11:20 AM

23 Feb 2016, 7:49 AM
Thanks, I didn't get (or notice) the above refresh prompt after the project was created. Curiously, closing the project and re-opening does not show the sencha directory either which is why I mentioned in my original post. I'll create another project from scratch and let you know but suspect I'll get the same result.. no Sencha directory included in VS solution. BTW, I manually included the Sencha directory w/no problem. Thanks!