View Full Version : Dialog not draggable after animation

25 Oct 2006, 9:45 AM
I created a dialog box that allows user to enter information. I used the YUI Dialog class and requested it be draggable:true as such

myDialog = new YAHOO.widget.Dialog("myDialog", { modal:false, visible:false, width:"350px", fixedcenter:false, constraintoviewport:true, draggable:true } );

When user clicks button I myDialog.show it. All is well.

I decided to add animation to slide the dialog in from top as such

function show() {
var exdiv = new YAHOO.ext.Actor('myDialog', null, true);

After animation, I can no longer drag the dialog. Any help will be certainly appreciated. :shock:

25 Oct 2006, 4:06 PM
It's hard to guess what it is. Can you put up a page where I can take a look? It's possible draggable + constraintoviewport + moving it off the viewport is creating bad (negative?) drag and drop constraints. That's just a guess though, I can give a better answer if I see it.