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30 Dec 2015, 11:15 AM
I am using GXT 4.0 and am just trying to set up a ComboBox. Let's say that my comboBox will contain States such as AL for the value and Alabama for the label. I want to display Alabama (aka the label) in the dropdown of the ComboBox. I get nothing with the below code - the list is empty. However, if I make the key in the LabelValuePairProperties label (instead of value) and make value (instead of label) as the LabelProvider, I will get state abbreviations in the dropdown list. This make NO SENSE. Please explain to me what I am doing wrong. Thank you.

public interface LabelValuePairProperties extends PropertyAccess<LabelValuePair>

// The property is defined as 'key()' but matches up to the bean class variable 'value'


ModelKeyProvider<LabelValuePair> key();


LabelProvider<LabelValuePair> labelLabel();

ValueProvider<LabelValuePair, String> label();


public class LabelValuePair implements Serializable

private static final long serialVersionUID = xxxxx;

private String value;

private String label;

public LabelValuePair(String label, String value)
// example: label = "Open" value = 'O"




public String getValue() {

return value;


public void setValue(String value) {

this.value = value;


public String getLabel() {
return label;

public void setLabel(String label) {

this.label = label;


LabelValuePairProperties properties = GWT.create(LabelValuePairProperties.class);

ListStore<LabelValuePair> store = new ListStore<LabelValuePair>(properties.key());

ComboBox<LabelValuePair> stateListBox = new ComboBox<LabelValuePair>(store, properties.labelLabel());