View Full Version : Migrate 4.1 stylesheet to 4.2

27 Dec 2015, 5:38 AM
Hi, all!

I'm designing on extJS 4.1 and it was decided to create own stylesheets. CSS file was generated from stylesheet which placed under ext\resources\themes\stylesheets\mytheme. At this moment, we are upgrading extJS to 4.2 versions and there are a problem during upgrade. mytheme stylesheet didn't migrate to new version and I feel pain about it.

Can anybody know, How migrate custom stylesheet form extJS 4.1 to extJS 4.2?

Thanks in advance.
Regards, Transet.

30 Dec 2015, 7:08 AM

What issues are you experiencing? I assume the stylesheet is loading, but after that, what is not working? Since this is a custom stylesheet you're referencing, it's difficult to know what the issues might be without more details.