View Full Version : Tab navigation is not working in the GXT Editable grid on IE11.

22 Dec 2015, 9:58 PM
Tab navigation is working when I run the application in Superdev Mode as well in compiler mode with Chrome browser.
When we run the same (compiled version) in IE11 tab navigation from one editable cell to another is not working.

We are using GWT 2.6 with GXT3.1.

1. If both cells are having content then its working fine.
2. If we try to navigate using tab from one cell which have content to another cell which is empty then we lost its focus.

Here the description for the Images Step1.png,Step2.png,Step3.png and Step4.png.
Step1.png: Cursor was initially in combo box column.
Step2.png: When we press tab focus moves to next cell which have some data and focus still there.
Step3.png: When we press tab again focus moves to next cell which does not have data.
Step4.png: Focus lost immediately .

7 Jan 2016, 8:01 PM
any update on this issue ?