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18 Dec 2015, 3:02 AM

I am very new to Ext JS and struggling for last few days to update one of our enterprise application's UI written in extJS and extTLD. I would like to include a terms and conditions checkbox with a link that takes you to a different page.

Somethig like this,

<INPUT NAME="conditions" ID="conditions" ALT="conditions" TYPE="checkbox" ALIGN="left">I have read and agree to the <A HREF="http://somewhere" NAME="termslink" TARGET="_blank">terms and conditions</A>.</INPUT>

For this, I have tried including this in the jspf file which also contains other page components

<ext:checkBox name='s_terms' id='s_terms' checked='false' boxLabel='s.terms' inputValue='agreed' itemCls='s-terms'/>

I can see the checkbox now but am not sure how to proceed further with adding link content within it.

Also, I would like to disable the login submit button until the checkbox is ticked. The login button looks like this

<ext:button id="login_btn"
handler='login.submit${isAjax ? "Ajax" : "" }'/>

Sorry, it may be something basic but being inexperienced with front-end and already spent more hours, I decided to post here for help.

Can someone assist me?

Many thanks.

Gary Schlosberg
18 Dec 2015, 7:16 AM
This seems like more of an ExtTLD question. Are the docs included in the download?