View Full Version : 'Trial' watermark added to Panels when using custom template

10 Dec 2015, 3:56 AM
Hi there,

I created a simple template to use with apps I create, and whenever I make a new app with it, all Panels have 'Ext JS Trial' watermarked on the right of the header. This doesn't happen in the app I based the template on, and doesn't happen when I use built-in templates.

How I made the template:
Create a new Blank app and save it on the disk,
Add a panel and a few functions, save the project
Preview the app - no watermark
Add template using current project
Create app using the new template
Save and preview the new app - watermark on panel header.
What's interesting is that I always get an error 'Uncaught Could not write to file C:/Users/K5CA3~1.PIL/AppData/Local/Temp/template-7737/resources/.arch-internal-preview.css' when creating a new app using the template (I fixed this by removing the file from the template). Also, the output log stays empty for a good minute or so after creating the app which is not the case when I use a built-in template.

How can I make a template that uses my full commercial framework without the watermark?

Gary Schlosberg
10 Dec 2015, 8:12 AM
It sounds like you are somehow using trial version of Ext JS, but I'm not sure why the results would be different using your custom template. Are you certain the template is being built with a version of Ext JS downloaded from the support portal?

10 Dec 2015, 8:16 AM
I haven't actually downloaded any framework files myself - all I have is what Architect put on my computer.

I build everything with Architect that I downloaded from Sencha and authenticated with our Sencha ID. When I create any apps using my version of Architect, they come without any watermarks. When I run the app I used to create the template with, it also doesn't have any watermarks. They only appear after I create a new app using the template I made.

I'm happy to post whatever troubleshooting information you might require - just let me know what :)