View Full Version : Virtual tree grid

2 Nov 2015, 7:14 AM
We are currently evaluating GXT, in particular the TreeGrid with large data sets (10,000+). It currently seems that all the items are rendered in the HTML. When the tree is fully expanded, then 10,000 rows are created in the DOM.
Is there a way to only render the items that are currently visible by the user (for example 25 rows...), and do a virtual scrolling by updating the DOM elements in theses rows?
If it is not yet an option, how big, in your opinion, is the effort to get this behavior implemented? Can it be on top of the existing library or does it have to be in the core implementation?

10 Nov 2015, 4:25 PM
We don't have an off the shelf tree grid with buffered live view. Although I could see paging through sets of tree data pretty easily. A basic tree configuration that is backed by our tree store has all the visible records. A scroller could be added to page through the next set of data. A second tree store could be used to buffer data and pre-load it if desired. The store could have expand handlers to load the data as well. If you need something mocked up, contact sales and ask them for some examples. I've provided examples for demos and could do something like this for you as well.

Does that help?