View Full Version : Convert Array of Objects to Array of Strings?

19 Oct 2015, 12:27 PM
This is utilizing ExtJs 3.4.

I have a JSON store that defines a field that should contain an array of strings. When I issue a console.log(r[0].data.Components), the Chrome debugger displays an array that contains objects (see ChromeDebugger.png).

If I'm interpreting Fiddler correctly (see Json.png), the JSON object returned is in the correct format. I need to convert the record(s) to an array of strings so I can attach it to a grid control.

I'm rather new to ExtJs and have inherited this to make modifications. What am i missing here?

I should add that I'll need to keep track of the data in the store so that it can be modified and submitted back to the server for any modification of the record(s).

Any feedback would be appreciated!