View Full Version : Build failures with 4.0.0-ea

24 Sep 2015, 8:22 PM
I downloaded the zip and added all jars to my Artifactory repo manager. I updated the version in my build and I get the following error.

Failed to execute goal on project ...: Could not resolve dependencies for project... Failed to collect dependencies for... Failed to read artifact descriptor for com.sencha.gxt:gxt-theme-neptune:jar:4.0.0-ea: Failure to find com.sencha.gxt:gxt-parent:pom:4.0.0-ea

Also...Failed to read artifact descriptor for com.sencha.gxt:gxt:jar:4.0.0-ea: Failure to find com.sencha.gxt:gxt-parent:pom:4.0.0-ea in...

Looks like you either need to deploy the parent pom or provide that so I can deploy locally?

24 Sep 2015, 9:56 PM
We don't have a 4.0.0-ea maven build yet available. But the nightly build of 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT is available to try out and has all the same commits as 4.0.0-ea.

The artifacts are found here:

The configuration will need credentials to login to the system and can be done by using this guide:

You should be able to try it out that way. If the 4.0.0-ea comes available in maven I'll update with more.

Does that help you try it out?


27 Sep 2015, 8:11 PM
Yes I got the snapshot pom, updated the version and deployed...that seems to work fine.