View Full Version : Message Box closes after half a second no matter what

24 Sep 2015, 8:26 AM
I have code that executes after a blur event for a combobox. The function looks over values of other fields and creates a message containing various warnings that are beneficial to the user. The problem I'm having is that the MessageBox closes after about half a second regardless of whether the user clicks the ok button or not. I've tried adding modal: true configs and closable: false configs to the box but it's still closing on its own. Is this happening because the code is located in a function that's run after a blur event?

Here's some snippits:

The control config that listens for a blur event of a combo:

'#DestinationModeCode': {
focus: this.checkForData,
blur: this.checkModeSource

The function in question:

checkModeSource: function(field, event, eOpts) {
var me = this;
var msg = '';

//Code to look at other fields and modify the msg variable to reflect applicable warnings

Ext.MessageBox.alert('Warning', msg, function(btn) {
if (btn === 'ok') {

Gary Schlosberg
28 Sep 2015, 1:00 PM
Could be. Are you able to recreate the issue in a test case?