View Full Version : Updating existing gray theme

4 Sep 2015, 5:47 AM
We are using the existign grey theme, but need to do a couple of small updates to it. For example change teh height of the TextField (and all controld using it) to be 21px instead of 18px. Sounds easy enough? Two days later I still cannot figure this out.

The theme builder sounds promising, but that generates a whole new look and we need the look to be exact like the gray one (as we have lots of pages generated with other tedchnologies and now the UI is in sync). It will be way to much work getting that to look like the gray.

I tried inheriting the grey and subclass some appearance classes like the TextField. But looks like you have to do that for each control that uses TextField further down the line. It ends up with lots and lots of dummy code. They all do the same to just tell it to finally load the TextField css that each subclass loads manually. I also have not managed to get this to work (separate question in the Q&A section).

So now I am tempted to make a full copy of the grey theme, assuming that is possible. Then all I would need to do is to update the "18px" to "21px" in one single place, in the TextField.css and I'm done.