View Full Version : Chart values are not generating separate lines, they are merging in to single line

22 Jul 2015, 1:42 AM
Please find below fiddle code

I can see all the lines are merged to one line, I think for each record in the store one line should describe the values. By un-checking all the titles below and checking each of the legend able to see graphical representation line for each record in the store. When we un-check all the titles in the legend able to see y and x-axis of the graph clearly else able to see only x-axis.

How to represent or get all the representation lines for each store record and to display negative axis also, what are the changes required to do that?

28 Jul 2015, 7:57 AM
The fields in your store, the ones with numbers make them have a type of 'int' instead of 'string'