View Full Version : Filtering on large set of data

6 Jul 2015, 10:07 AM

I have a grid which contains exact 1000 records and has 9 columns to it. There is a form panel also having 4 groups two contains radiogroup and other contains checkbox group,
So B clicking on those group , on the fly user can filter out the data programmatically. Problem I am facing is ,like when I try to click on any radio button or checkbox ,
it doesn't seems to be clicked immediately as it normally do. What may be the issue.Kidnly guide me. Just for your information, on change event of each radio and check
box I am applying filter to the store.So basically,there I calls up basicform's getvalue method and checks each and everything and applies filter over ther.
Kindly help me out.

7 Jul 2015, 1:40 AM
Maybe you can provide a fiddle to demonstrate the issue?