View Full Version : Bad design& code for sencha 3.0.1(e.g Chart)

1 Jul 2015, 4:38 AM

I tried to use some sencha classes to draw a chart and I needed something special to me. I wanted to override some behavior and I couldn't. On one hand, one reason is that the package contains too many private functions that are not well structured! On the other hand, I hardly could manage to "reuse" sencha classes by re-writing them from the scratch, instead of overriding some "special" behavior. In my humble opinion, the concept of reusing components is not re-writing them from scratch, but extend them and provide a special needed behavior. Reusing components even in its primordial meaning, is really IMPOSSIBLE. This is caused by the badly way of this package is written. Too bad code in my opinion!

My question is: was it that hard to organize sencha code in order to expect some overriding for the drawing algorithms? Was it so hard to use some design patterns like template method etc and let the UI client to decide which special behavior was desired in a special case? You didn't even let those bad structured algorithms to be overridden, because you made too many functions private... In my opinion, this is the worse approach, especially when you want to promote a drawing package public on web.. to sell it etc....

6 Jul 2015, 4:29 AM
This being a version that was released like 6 years ago? Maybe upgrade to a newer version from this decade and you'll enjoy the api much better.