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24 Mar 2008, 3:34 AM

I create a moneyField (Ext.ux.MoneyField) component if you need one to use in your form.

Please consider this as a (alpha). Still need to test and fix some bugs (if i find or if you find :) ).

Please report any bug at: achebv(at)yahoo(dot)com[[email protected]] or achebv(at)gmail(dot)com[[email protected]]


Here is the code... (or see the Attached Files)
* Money Field (Extjs)
* - Usage:
* new Ext.ux.MoneyField({
* fieldLabel: 'My Money Field', // your label
* hiddenName: 'moneyField', // your submit name
* id: 'testCmp', // (optional) your componentId - if you need one
* style:'{text-align:right;}', // (optional)
* numsSpace: ' ',
* moneySimbol: '

13 Apr 2008, 9:36 PM

i think this component will be very useful.....
can i give u a suggestion...?
1. i prefer use xtype:'moneyfield'... you can add below of your component Ext.reg('moneyfield', Ext.ux.MoneyField);
2. i tested ur component... it display very well... but when i edit it.... ( not replace all the value.... ) it will give me an awfull result
3. your format for displaying... [value][spacesparator][moneysimbol]
if i use spacesparator = ',' and moneysimbol =''
it will display 3,987,987.98,
i think it is very bad..........

24 Mar 2009, 1:50 AM
are available some upgrade of this plugin?