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11 Jun 2015, 2:48 PM
I stumbled upon the \examples\themes\index.html as a theme tester but after googling and trying and searching this forum on how to use it, I'm coming up with nothing. I've found that I needed to copy my built theme to the {SDK}\packages directory and then I modified {SDK}\examples\shared\options-toolbar.jsto include my theme in the store.

My actual theme is off in another workspace outside of this directory, so I copied my acutal built theme for sencha package build.

Unfortunately, when I picked my theme from the combo, nothing was styled, so I have the following questions. For a custom built theme, I want to be able to use sencha watch somehow on a directory so I can tweak the actual theme, and have it publish somewhere where this tool will pick it up. Do I have to do all this work from within the SDK's directory or can I keep my theme files outside, but somehow use this tool? Or is it better to set this tool up outside the SDK and use it against my theme directory? What would be the steps for that and the commands to run.

If there's a guide somewhere on how to actually use this testing tool for custom built themes, or how I would modify my theme and quickly see the results, please provide a link.

28 Jun 2015, 1:24 PM
I'm not aware of any guide, but you could conceivably do this as long as your theme is accessible on the same domain as the theme tester. If you look in examples/shared/include-ext.js, you'll see how the CSS and JS files for the themes are loaded.