View Full Version : [FIXED] Chrome 43 Comboboxes are too short.

27 May 2015, 5:35 AM
My app has a bunch of combos that look like they are having the wrong width calculated. This started when Chrome was updated to version 43. It fixes itself when I collapse the panel, and then expand it again. Has anyone figured out a fix for this?

Here is a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/TEsDzkU.jpg

ExtJS version: ""

Gary Schlosberg
27 May 2015, 11:32 AM
Thanks for the report. Chrome 43 has been a problematic release, but I haven't heard of this bug yet. I wasn't able to recreate the issue.

Can you please post a test case which reproduces this?

27 May 2015, 11:45 AM
Here you go:


(https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/nji)I chose Ext JS 4.1.1 Classic (It reverted to 5.x when I loaded the link. Seems to work fine there).

Expand the collapsed container, and you'll see that the combos are squashed. Collapse it and expand again, and they'll look nice.

Sometimes, not all of them are squished, and sometimes they are. Seems a bit random.

Gary Schlosberg
27 May 2015, 3:58 PM
I haven't been able to make this fail. I'm using Chrome 43.0.2357.81 and I've tried various screen sizes. I'm running the Fiddle and then clicking the expand button (+) at the bottom. Is there anything that you're doing differently when you see it?

27 May 2015, 4:06 PM
It only happens when the page first loads. If you expand and collapse it multiple times without reloading, it won't work.

Sometimes, it loads up properly with all of the combos working just fine.

I just added a couple more combos to the fiddle to give you a better chance of failing.

I'm using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.65 (64-bit)

27 May 2015, 4:11 PM
I just brought my Chrome up to Version 43.0.2357.65 (64-bit), and I'm still getting the same thing.


Gary Schlosberg
27 May 2015, 4:46 PM
Yes, I was refreshing the entire Fiddle each time the initial load didn't produce the issue for me. As I understood your description, collapsing and expanding fixes the issue once it appears.

I tried the new combo-enhanced Fiddle, but so far I continue to be unable to recreate.

Gary Schlosberg
27 May 2015, 4:52 PM
Nevermind, I got it. It happens for me when my window height is small enough not to include all of the combos. It looks like the issue has been fixed though, as I am unable to recreate using 4.2.0 or the latest 4.2.4 nightly.

27 May 2015, 4:55 PM
I'm using a Mac. I'm not sure if that matters. I've tried it out on several Macs, and it keeps happening. I just tested it out on a windows box, and that seems to be fine. Are you on a windows box? Maybe it's just on the Mac version.

27 May 2015, 5:01 PM
You know what could have been done to fix it? I'm using

I'd rather override the combobox code than update the entirety of ExtJS.

Gary Schlosberg
28 May 2015, 2:18 PM
Unfortunately I wasn't able to track down the exact bug fix, making an override difficult.