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19 May 2015, 10:42 PM
Iíve experimented GeoExt with ExtJS a bit last year. Now I could be ready to use in the market.

Iím a bit confused about license and I have some questions. Iíve already contacted Sencha from ďContact UsĒ page but still not received an answer.

On ExtJS project I am a one-person team, only one developer involved. I develop GIS applications types under different forms, sometimes commercial products, sometimes commercial consultant and sometimes even open source apps under GPL license.

My questions:

I buy a commecial ExtJS license. If I develop a general product to sell to market and my code is not free, are my customers required to buy commercial ExtJS licenses?

I buy a commecial ExtJS license. If I develop for specific customer (a dedicated consultant) and my customer is not a developer, is my customer required to buy a commercial ExtJS license?

I buy a commecial ExtJS license. GeoExt supports only ExtJS 4. If I buy a commercial license, can I get version 4? Or can I use (with my commercial license paid) a GPL version 4 Iíve downloaded last year?

About GPL: if I build something free with GPL license that talk with OracleXE (which is free, but not GPL), can I use ExtJS GPL?

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Gary Schlosberg
20 May 2015, 3:52 PM
Licensing questions are best directed at the contact form to which you've already posted your questions. Hopefully you will receive an answer soon.

As far as I understand things, your customer only needs a license as well if they are going to be developing your code. Regarding Ext JS 4, you should be able to use that version if you desire. Again, you'll need to confirm these items with our sales team via the contact form.