View Full Version : How do I call array instead of URL in Gantt Scheduler?

13 May 2015, 4:18 AM
Hello ,

I am complete novice to extjs and want to try Bryntum's Gantt Scheduler.

There is a file data.js in their example which has the data to load.

But I want to load an array and not url.

//Code in Viewport.js

var taskStore = this.taskStore = new MyApp.store.TaskStore({
dependencyStore : dependencyStore,
resourceStore : resourceStore,
assignmentStore : assignmentStore,
url : 'data.js' // Some dummy data

I guess I am supposed to make changes here , instead of url pass some array.

How do I do this?

13 May 2015, 6:11 AM
Instead of using the url config option, use data (which accepts an array).