View Full Version : How to update window URL

7 May 2015, 2:17 AM
I have a button on my page, clicking on which should display a modal popup window with some content that is loaded from struts2 action result. Below is the code written to create popup.

var win;
name : 'Fiddle',

launch : function() {
var button = Ext.get('copy_button');

button.on('click', function(){

win = Ext.create('Ext.window.Window', {
title: 'Copy Existing',
height: 400,
width: 500,
layout: 'fit',
modal: true,
loader: {
url: '<%= request.getContextPath() %>/demo/copy.action',
autoLoad: true

win.show(this, function() {
button.dom.disabled = false;

This popup window contains button on click of which I want to again call Struts2 action class, means I want to change its url. Can anyone please help me in this?? .

7 May 2015, 9:48 AM
you could try:

url : 'newUrl'

Hope this helps.