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10 Apr 2015, 5:31 AM
I keep getting this warning:

[WRN] Failed to resolve package [email protected]
[WRN] Failed to resolve package [email protected]

while running Sencha Cmd commends like generate model.. how can I make sure the new version is resolved?


Gary Schlosberg
11 Apr 2015, 8:49 AM
Which version of Cmd are you using? Did you generate a workspace? Can you provide the commands that you ran when you encountered this warning?

12 Apr 2015, 3:34 AM
Hi Gary,

I am using the latest Cmd available. Generating an app goes fine.

But when I try to generate a model, I get this warning:

[WRN] Failed to resolve package [email protected]

I was able to fix the theme error by adding:

"toolkit": "classic", // or modern

to the app.json file.. but, How to fix the warning.. (Its not a sure stopper though.)

15 Apr 2015, 10:27 AM
To use the beta package, you should add --beta to enable the beta package repository (since most folks don't want beta stuff).

sencha --beta generate app ...

Once the "ext" package has downloaded it will be available w/o the --beta switch. This is because the [email protected] package will be in your local repository:

sencha package list .

You will need of Cmd to use Ext JS 6 EA build but it sounds like you have that already.

If you need to remove [email protected] from your local repo:

sencha package remove [email protected]

Once the package is removed locally, the --beta switch will again be needed to resolve it in the future.

24 Apr 2015, 4:27 AM
Don, hanks for the suggestion. However, that does not seem to work for me. I generated an app with
sencha --beta -sd ~/path_to_ext6/ generate app MyApp myApp/
Next, I added the abovementioned workaround into myApp/app.json
"toolkit": "classic"which fixed the "theme-neptune not found error" when refreshing app metadata.

I'm still having issues with the missing package theme-neptune though. Steps to reproduce:

sencha --beta generate theme myapp-theme
creates a theme. I edited the generated theme package.json with
"extend": "theme-neptune",
The theme then fails to build:

sencha --beta package build

[INF] Processing Build Descriptor : default
[ERR] Cannot satisfy requirements for "theme-neptune"!
[ERR] The following versions cannot be satisfied:
[ERR] myapp-theme: theme-neptune (No matches!)
[ERR] Cannot resolve package requirements

Btw, I can't see any beta packages in the list of locally installed packages printed by `sencha package list .`

$ sencha package list .
Sencha Cmd v6.0.0.92
[INF] Listing of local catalog
[INF] Package ext
[INF] 1 package(s)

I will be grateful for any ideas on how to fix this.

24 Apr 2015, 6:59 AM

"toolkit": "classic"
to package.json in my theme seems to have fixed the problem.

I suggest that the missing configuration be added to the automatically generated app.json and package.json files.