View Full Version : GXT Layout container internally calls forcelayout/doLayout taking much time.

1 Apr 2015, 11:27 AM
We built our app using GXT 3.0 .
As we are monitoring the performance of the application, specifically when for the activity of opening a Window with complex layout structure on click of a button ( sort of overlay)

Our layout structure (written in UIBinder) looks like this

-- center :
-- content panel
-- VLC

--Cutom Widget/Ccomponent(which is built using composite)

Given the above structure when i saw the profiling statistics with IE8 developer tools , i saw following hotstpots,

1. Number of fields per overlay /no-brainer more the number of fields more is time taken
2. GXT Layout forceLayout / doLayout calls from schedule finally taking about 2 seconds (1892 ms in the below attachment)

As we are closely working on point 1 to reduce the number of fields per window as much as possible,
we want to focus on how to reduce the high number of calls to forceLayout/doLayout methods internally called from layout container framework.

I have attached screen shot of the statistics for layout calls


Any help/advice is highly appreciable in this regard.


2 Apr 2015, 12:25 AM
Can anyone please suggest /advice on this ?