View Full Version : How to filter TreeCombo ?

Akshay Vispute
24 Mar 2015, 4:59 AM
I am using Extjs 5. I have integrated treecombo in my code but I'm unable to filter it. I want to filter it every time I enter some text in combobox field. Please suggest me some solution ASAP.


24 Mar 2015, 8:26 AM
Please provide your code in the fiddle.sencha.com

Akshay Vispute
24 Mar 2015, 10:26 PM
here is link :

Please look through it and suggest me how I can add filter to my treecombo.

25 Mar 2015, 6:37 AM
First of all, you have provided the code for ExtJs 4.2 in the forum for 5.x version.Unfortunately TreeStore of 4.2 do not have filtering feature, so you must add picker field change event handler which will walk recursively throw all the tree nodes and show/hide them depends on the new value.

25 Mar 2015, 10:10 PM
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Akshay Vispute
26 Mar 2015, 10:19 PM
(http://www.sencha.com/forum/member.php?66593-yeghikyan)Please provide me some sample code for adding picker field to treecombo and how to use it .