View Full Version : Changing the font colour of a treenode

19 Mar 2015, 9:08 AM
How would I change the font colour of a treenode in GXT 3? In GXT 2 you used a ModelStringProvider and could return HTML, but I can't find anything similar in 3.

I've tried using ValueProvider and returning SafeHtml, but that just calls the toString() method on the SafeHtml object.

31 Mar 2015, 5:54 AM
Figured it out!

I needed to use SafeHtml for the ValueProvider and set the Tree cell to a SafeHtmlCell e.g.

tree=new Tree<NavigableModel<Integer>, SafeHtml>(treeStore, new ValueProvider<NavigableModel<Integer>, SafeHtml>() {
public SafeHtml getValue(NavigableModel<Integer> _model) {
SafeHtmlBuilder sb=new SafeHtmlBuilder();
if(_model==null) return sb.toSafeHtml();

if (!_model.getActive()) {
// My class to make the text red if this model isn't active
sb.appendHtmlConstant("<span class=\"item-deleted\">");


if (!_model.getActive()) {
public void setValue(NavigableModel<Integer> object, SafeHtml value) {
public String getPath() {

// Set the cell to SafeHtmlCell to use the SafeHtml returned by ValueProvider
tree.setCell(new SafeHtmlCell());

Hopefully this will help someone else.