View Full Version : First click in BoxSelect will make browser scroll down and up

5 Mar 2015, 12:47 AM
Hi All,

ExtJs Version: ext-
BoxSelect.js: 2.0.3

I am facing a problem in using BoxSelect, which the box is first clicked, the browser will scroll down and then up and it is only happen in first click event which is using BoxSelect, but not in combobox.

I debug in Firefox and traced the triggering point where it is inside picker.show();, when there is a first click the picker seem default show at the middle of the vertical location of whole page, and then there is a function alignPicker(); to locate the picker to a right place.

But, the problem is the normal combobox picker will also first create picker at the middle but not at vertical location of whole page, so that the browser wont focus to the list at the locayion, therefore the browser wont scroll down and then up. This is the problem only happen in boxselect.

Do anyone have any idea on it?



6 Mar 2015, 5:29 AM
may you reproduce the bug in fiddle?