View Full Version : Combobox Dropdown values couldn't able to access by up/down arrow, when JAWS is on

4 Mar 2015, 2:08 AM
I have developed web application in ExtJS 4.1.0

For accessibility standpoint, we using JAWS screen reader software

I ran through JAWS 13.0 software(Screen reader) in IE9

JAWS screen reader doesn't read and access properly as below extjs component (I have tested most of ExtJS 4.1.0 example)

1.Combo : JAWS doesn't read drop down values

2.Overflow text : JAWS doesn't read the overflow text

Dropdown values couldn't able to navigate up/down by pressing up/down keys when JAWS Software is on.

I have few question to Sencha team
Is it 100% support available for web accessibility through JAWS screen reader?

ExtJS 4.1.0 will support the 508 and ADA compliance ?

Could you please help me on the above items?

Thanks in Advance!!!

6 Mar 2015, 6:22 AM

There is limited ARIA support in Ext JS 4. For more comprehensive support, I would encourage you to upgrade to Ext JS 5.1.