View Full Version : ExtJS Solution to export grid to Excel/CSV [4.*]

18 Feb 2015, 3:40 AM

There's plugin that has a solution to export a ExtJS grid to Excel/CSV ?
All plugins that i've found didn't work well in ExtJs 4.*.

Thx.. ~o)~o)

Mark Wagoner
18 Feb 2015, 5:43 AM
I'm not sure you can export to Excel from the browser side due to security restrictions. I always do it from the server side by setting the headers to tell the browser you are returning Excel data. The browser will then prompt the user to save the data or launch it in Excel.

18 Feb 2015, 8:10 AM
But how you send the data format to an excel spreadsheet?Thanks

Mark Wagoner
19 Feb 2015, 4:43 AM
See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/974079/setting-mime-type-for-excel-document I have found that setting the correct MIME headers and then sending the data as a HTML table will work.

19 Feb 2015, 4:59 AM
I have made a plugin to download Excel from converting a grid to HTML, i will post to download here soon as possible.Thx...