View Full Version : Dynamically grid or component creation and keep it persistent over the time

12 Feb 2015, 6:37 AM

I am trying to do the following :

I have a vertical container with 2 grids :

a 1st grid with a list of Parent data (ex : from Parent_01 to Parent_05)
a 2nd grid with a list of Child data (ex : from Child_01 to Child_10)
some Parents already exist (Parent_01 to Parent_05) and are parts of the application (already in the code)

Example :

Parent_01 contains Child_01 and Child_02
Parent_02 contains Child_02 and Child_03

a user can create a custom Parent article, based on an exsiting one or a new one !

Example :

Parent_06 contains Child_04, Child_08 and Child_10

Questions :
- I think I can use Ext.state.LocalStorageProvider or Ext.state.CookieProvider to keep the Parent_06 persistent during the user session but how can i save this new Parent ?
- how can I save this new component (Parent_06) to the server so that the user will see it the next time he uses the web application ?

Thanks in advance for your help,