View Full Version : EXTJS 4 Multi-select combobox grid filter

15 Jan 2015, 1:45 AM
I have a extjs grid with multiple filters applied on each column header
Multiselect combobox is used for filtering.Now the problem is when I select values from the multiselect
combobox say from one column , the grid is filtered correctly but,when I select values from the multiselect combobox from other column,the first filter is ignored from the store and second filter is applied.Kindly help me in solving this problem, there are around 20 columns,each has a column header filter associated with it, I want filter to be applied based on the previous filter.
Below is the code :

var i, value, combos = ['data_index_1','data_index_2','data_index_3','data_index_4'];
for (i = 0; i < combos.length; i++){
value = Ext.getCmp(combos[i]).getValue();
if (!Ext.isEmpty(value)){
store.filterBy(function(record, id){
return Ext.Array.indexOf(value, record.get(combos[i])) !== -1);

20 Jan 2015, 7:45 AM
I'd like to test this along with you. Can you post a simple test case either inline here or at https://fiddle.sencha.com that reproduces the issue?