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23 Dec 2014, 3:12 PM

We are a team of 3 developers starting a new project and we need to implement a few reusable user extensions to share within the same project.

I have been reading the online tutorials trying to wrap my ahead around the workflow of creating User Extensions and I did manage to successfully create one, but now I want to find a simpler solution to keep all developers always up to date with the latest changes as we go.

Here is how I created the User Extension:

1. You have to code the User Extension by hand or using Architect as a helper tool to get the JS logic implemented, so far so good, next create defintion files, edit package.json by hand... DONE.

2. You need use a test system to ensure that Architect loads the extension, if it doesn't you have to edit the definition files until it works. At this point you have to work with 2 copies of the same source code.. the original development code and the one you are trying to get to work in the test system... DONE.

3. Now the Secha tutorial says you have to package into an AUX file by clicking the extension name and choosing the option to generate AUX file... CONFUSED.

Am I now supposed to be doing development work (package the AUX file) in the TEST system???

Here is my question for the experts... It looks to me that this is too much work to maintain all developers in sync with the latest fixes and improvements that will surely happen as we progress... I mean edit code, repackage extension outside the architect workflow, redistribute AUX files, etc...

Wouldn't it be easier if all developers go to Edit->Preferences and point their User Extension folder to a common folder under source control? This way developer A edits the user extension then developers B and C get the latest code from source control and their Architects would automatically load the latest extension code.

Would that work? It there a simpler approach?

Thank you

Marco Piccolino
9 Jan 2015, 6:03 AM
Hello Daniel,

I just wrote a how-to about my fresh experience with this topic - the scenario seems to be the same that you describe.

There are still a few points that need to be improved (e.g. avoid manual editing of the classpath - I am in touch with the SA team to get this right), but all in all it is working quite well.

Please feel free to give it a go and do let me know your experiences and what can be improved.