View Full Version : Textfield / combobox autocomplete.

8 Dec 2014, 1:00 AM
Hello , i just want to ask if is possible to have an textfield / combobox with multiple stores / urls for autocomplete.

Let me explain why : i want textfield / combbox with autcomplete because when i search, i need to make 2 requests 1 is with a large group of products and 1 is with a small group of products and until the bigger one is ready i want to show the small group of products. In the end i will show both.

8 Dec 2014, 4:30 PM
Hi shakerkk--

Currently, comboboxes can be configured with a single store (datasource), so accomplishing what you want would require a custom component. You can, of course, specify the pageSize parameter to allow for paging of the results. This could give you a limited result set so that you don't have to wait on a full list if performance is an issue.


8 Dec 2014, 11:45 PM
Hello Joel , Thanks for replay , i really dont know how to handle this , i'm stuck . There is maybe a way in store to set somehow 2 requestURl ? and until first request( with bigger data) is done the second wil run...( small data) and shows me some results in autocomplete?(I have to make a search field with autocomplete and this is giving me trouble beacause i have to show 2 data sets from 2 dirferent urls:-??)