View Full Version : Ext.fly(...)' is null or not an object on IE7

27 Nov 2014, 7:44 AM

I have an extjs tree , on IE7 when tree is loaded if I try to click anywhere around the tree or expand a node I get the error Ext.fly(...)' is null or not an object and the page turns blank.
After some research it was mentionned that I should override function getTarget with the below :
Ext.override(Ext.EventObjectImpl, {
getTarget : function(selector, maxDepth, returnEl){
var targetElement;

try {
var target=(this.target||window.event.srcElement);
targetElement = selector ? Ext.fly(target).findParent(selector, maxDepth, returnEl) : target;
} catch(e) {
targetElement = window.event.srcElement;

return targetElement;

After overriding the function , the error is no longer throw but the page is still blank.
The weird part is that when I resize the window the tree appears again but I still can't click anywhere without turning the page blank.

If anyone can assist.

Thank you.

30 Nov 2014, 11:22 PM
It's an urgent matter , your assistance is highly appreciated. Thank you.