View Full Version : Desktop icon out of viewport size

16 Nov 2014, 9:44 PM
My desktop icon goes out of the viewport size if i choose 6-7 shortcuts. All the shortcut are aligned on vertically on the left side of the screen. I want to show all the shortcut icon on the viewport that can be seen without scroll bar , just want to show as a proper application desktop pages.
Please help me as i am a newbie on extjs.

the code i had use is given below :

desktopCfg = me.getDesktopConfig();
me.desktop = new Ext.ux.desktop.Desktop(desktopCfg);

me.viewport = new Ext.container.Viewport({
layout: 'fit',
items: [ me.desktop ]

Ext.EventManager.on(window, 'beforeunload', me.onUnload, me);

18 Nov 2014, 12:27 PM

The desktop example is presented as an example of how you might style an application to look like an OS desktop, but isn't necessarily a good jumping off place to start learning / building your own application.

The desktop icons are using a dataview which is effectively using your own markup / styling. The solution I'm aware of for wrapping vertically is not cross-browser so be sure to test against your target browsers before using the following:

Dataview API Docs: