View Full Version : User Extension - very simple questions about models

14 Nov 2014, 2:19 PM
I created from a modelling tool several domain classes and put them into a user extension and I am at the point, that the Architect can even load the extension and shows all my classes. I can even drag&drop them over Models and they appear there.

But what can such an imported model actually do ? I tried to create a data view within the Architect, but the generator can not find any fields within this imported class.

Then of course I wanted to created stores with models already defined, json reader and writer and proxy with the right api and actionMethods - but no way to got.

Has anyone any examples of building models as an user extension with simple models and how to create data views from that.

Has anyone any example of full configured ajax-stores with proxy and all that stuff predefined.

Why I would like to have that ? Well create all the stupid stuff via a modeling tool and then create a base user extension - give that to the developer and he can start *very* fast.

Thanks for any answers regarding this topic ...