View Full Version : HtmlEditor error when save - TypeError: this.getWin(...) is undefined

6 Nov 2014, 5:31 AM
I am using ExtJs 3.4 and am getting the following error when saving my form which contains the HTML Editor:

getDoc : function(){
return Ext.isIE ? this.getWin().document : (this.iframe.contentDocument || this.getWin().document);

I did see another bug from Extjs 4 in this link :

But I cannot find an overriding solution.
(I initially posted this in the wrong forum too.)
Can anyone please help me with a workaround for this problem.

Thanks in advance.

10 Nov 2014, 2:23 PM

To make sure we're on the same page, can you post a test case that demonstrates the issue you're seeing?

You can post a test case at https://fiddle.sencha.com (just don't wrap your code with Ext.onReady() in the fiddle).