View Full Version : bug report: Fiddle corrupt using gear icon

5 Nov 2014, 7:27 AM
I forked someone else fiddle and edited it:

When i click on properties i see no author and i cannot edit it. It sais 'Fiddle has not been saved yet'.
But it was saved as you see.

Also when i select 'view my Fiddles' i don't see this fiddle among the other fiddles.

It is no big problem i can make a new fiddle but that way it won't get solved.

18 Nov 2014, 1:40 AM
We are able to reproduce the problem now.
So here a bug report...

Fiddle version tested:

Fiddle 1.1
Browser versions tested against:

Safari 8.0
FireFox 30.0

Fiddle details disappear when clicked on the gear icon immediately after loading the fiddle page
Steps to reproduce the problem

Load one of your existing fiddles with the detailes filled in correctly
Click on the gear icon without clicking on anything else first
Fiddle details are empty (bug)
Reload fiddle by refreshing the complete page
Click on the title to edit details
Fiddle details are filled in correctly(no bug)
Click on the gear icon
Now details are filled in correctly in the fiddle details with the gear icon(no bug).
Reload page with fiddle
Edit details by clicking on gear icon
Save fiddle
Fiddle disappears from my fiddles list.(bug)
The result that was expected:

When clicking the gear icon, the fiddle details should always show correctly.
The fiddle should never disappear from the my fiddles list
The functionality of the gear icon should not change depending on when it is clicked
The result that occurs instead:

Fiddle details appear to disappear when clicking on the gear icon after loading the fiddle page.
Fiddle disappears from my fiddles list after saving without information
Functionality of the gear icon changes depending on if it is clicked before the title is clicked